Marriage Conference Online
Friday, September 11th

If you are like us, we have been together a lot more than usual, which can be good or bad. Either way, there is always room to grow in our relationships with each other and the Lord. During this mini-marriage conference, you will be encouraged and equipped with simple tools to help any marriage, whether you have been married for years or just days. Remember, it's not about being perfect together, just better together.

Even if you missed the live event, you can still enjoy the conference:

*The first 400 couples registered will receive a free marriage box!

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We have a ton more for you beyond the main conference!

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Session 1 - Better Together

Alan & Joy Clayton

Session 2 - Avoiding Marriage Killers

Derrick & Ghia Thompson

Session 3 - Conflict Resolution

Phillip & Ellen Moore

Session 4 - Off The Cuff

Alan & Joy Clayton, Phillip & Ellen Moore, Derrick & Ghia Thompson

Vow Ceremony

Alan & Joy Clayton