Justin Adams

Worship Pastor

Growing up in Oklahoma City, The Ark’s Worship Pastor Justin Adams was blessed with a talent for music from a very young age. “I knew in fourth grade I was going to be a musician in some way; back then I thought I was going to be a rock star.” That dream was changed one night when one of his college music instructors invited him to play a paying gig with an orchestra at a service for a Baptist Church. 

With hair down to the middle of his back, weighing 250 pounds, with a pack of Marlboros in his shirt pocket, Justin was there just for the money.

But after the pastor’s message about salvation, he ended up being “the guy down at the altar crying.” Giving his life to Christ, he was transformed, immediately giving up smoking and his reckless lifestyle, eventually losing 80 pounds, and wanting desperately to use his music for the Lord.

“That’s when everything changed; I had new meaning. I wasn’t just trying to make as much money gigging as I could; God gave me this gift of music, and I needed to use it for the Lord.”

His journey as a worship leader took him from Kansas City, to Saddleback Church in Orange County, and finally to The Ark, where, when he and his wife first drove up for a tryout, he remembers telling her “Wow, this feels like home.”

Justin and his wife, Mary Beth, have been married for 20 years and have four children, Meagan, JB, Spencer, and Harrison. When he’s not writing music or leading worship, Justin enjoys practicing martial arts and tactical shooting; his passions, music and martial arts, are on display in his office, with electric guitars hanging on the wall and Asian art adorning his desk and shelves.

For Justin, he enjoys being at a church where there is no question he is in music ministry, not “businesstry” – a phrase he coined to describe the blurring of “work” with ministry.

“It’s why I do what I do, because I love Jesus, and I want to see other people fall in love with Jesus,” Adams said.

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