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Defendable Faith

This class is designed to be a safe place to explore the Faith we as Believers profess. Here, you will get answers to those questions you've always pondered.


Things that weigh you down will impede your progress. Do you carry the emotional baggage of fear, worry, anxiety, or regret? Jesus promised to carry our burdens and give us peace and joy. This series will teach you how to possess those promise Learn how to live the life God intended for you to live.

Fruit Of The Spirit

When the pressure's on, what's in you will come out. It's important to fill yourself with the Word of God. When you do that, the good fruit of The Spirit will be what comes out of you!

Quiet Time

Learn how to connect with God in your personal devotion time. Nate helps you to practice what it means to be in the presence of God.

Ark Young Adults Collective

Being a young adult in this day and age can be challenging. Listen in as some our the young adults at The Ark discuss what they have learned in regard to some of the common questions that young men and women their age often ask.

Growing In Marriage

Here are some essential things you and your spouse can do to strengthen your marriage. Discover how to find out God's design for your marriage, how to close the door divorce, how to keep your marriage growing, and more.

The Power Of Your Words

The Mind Of The Spirit

How To Hear The Voice Of God

How To Study The Bible

Better Together

If you are like us, we have been together a lot more than usual, which can be good or bad. Either way, there is always room to grow in our relationships with each other and the Lord. During this mini-marriage conference, you will be encouraged and equipped with simple tools to help any marriage, whether you have been married for years or just days. Join us for a great evening packed full of laughter, growth, and heart. Remember, it's not about being perfect together, just better together.